Cloud computing concept graphic showing devices connected to the cloudNow more than ever before, business leaders must keep their companies nimble and adaptable so that they can keep their customers and employees happy—and, in turn, see their businesses succeed and grow. A business that is reluctant to change will become stagnant and encounter difficulties that could lead to failure.

One way to add to your business's success is to embrace the newest technology. Cloud storage is one type of new technology that can benefit your company in several ways.

But what is business cloud storage and cloud computing? Today's blog post will answer that question by looking at the big advantages it brings to businesses of all sizes. 

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Storage?

First, it's essential to understand that cloud storage is a computing system that stores data on the internet through a remote provider who manages data storage as a service. As we've discussed in the past, cloud computing solutions make sharing, editing, and publishing documents easy within a single, integrated system.

Cloud storage also improves communication and email functionality, creates new marketing capabilities, and enhances your everyday business processes by leveraging the nearly limitless power and space of cloud infrastructure and cloud storage resources. Sound great? There are even more advantages! 

1. Security

Cloud storage can have additional security added to protect against security breaches and data loss. The frequency of ransomware attacks and other cybercrime is increasing, and companies are specifically targeted. Additionally, since backups are automatic, data in cloud storage is safe from fire and natural disasters. And because data is not stored on hardware, theft and human error are minimized.

2. Increased productivity

Since cloud storage is internet-based, employees can access files from anywhere at any time with the proper log-in credentials. No time is wasted searching for hard copies of documents or sending multiple emails to colleagues to find information—all employees need to do is use the search function on the cloud to find whatever they need.

Unlimited cloud storage frees up space on office computers, too, enabling employees to work faster by increasing computer speed.

Many employees are discovering how much easier life is when they are not tied to an office every day and are seeking the flexibility to work wherever is best for them. Cloud storage allows for remote work, which can increase a company's attractiveness to new applicants, reduce turnover, and boost morale. Remote workers showed a productivity boost when compared to traditional employees.

3. Collaboration

Cloud storage is more efficient because your employees can collaborate on projects regardless of their location and without any loss of data integrity. With file sharing, even remote employees can work as a team, benefiting from the sort of innovation that comes from sharing ideas. There is no downtime waiting for one person's contribution; changes and additions to projects can be shared as they occur.

4. Flexibility and Accessibility

Cloud storage can offer your business the flexibility to grow with fewer physical constrictions. If you move to a new office space, you only need to move the furniture, and you're up and running in your new location as soon as your internet service is active.

You can also add new employees without worrying about your office location or limited space. Mobility is increased as files can be accessed from any device—phone, tablet, or desktop computer. You can utilize the expertise of specialists or freelancers as needed, and these as-needed workers can use their equipment; all they would need is log-in credentials.

5. Cost savings

Internet-based storage means less costly infrastructure, and your business can save by not having to buy, install, and maintain new servers. With less technology, software, and servers in-house, you can reduce the size of your IT department. Since your business would not have hardware equipment to house and more employees could work remotely, you can reduce office space. And, cloud storage saves money because you only pay for what you use.

Cloud storage also helps you save money on utility bills. Not having an in-house data center means that no energy is needed to power and cool the hardware. Having employees work from home means that fewer utilities are used to maintain office space and individual computing stations. 

6. Reduced carbon footprint

You could reduce your business's carbon footprint because no resources were needed to build the hardware, and no fuel was required to transport it to your office. Having more employees work from home means fewer resources used for additional equipment and eliminates the fuel used for commuting, as well.

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