Does it seem that your computer issues always happen at the most unexpected and worst times?

You don't have to be in business for long before you realize first-hand that issues with your computers can literally bring your entire business to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, IT problems don't care what time it is either, and neither do we. No matter what the time... We're on it!

My name is Greg Sweers and I am the President of ACTS360. Since 2001 we've made it our mission to bring quality IT services at a reasonable cost to small businesses like yours in the Tampa Bay area.

I know in my own life, I prefer to see firsthand if a company can deliver on their promises. Because we are confident in the services we offer, if you have 10 or more computers, I would like to offer you 2 FREE hours of computer network support with no strings attached. Obviously our hope is that after you try us out, you will see the value of partnering with a computer service company who can watch and service your network so that you don't have to. Below are just a few of the issues that would warrant using your 2 FREE network service hours:

  • Your computer network seems to be running extremely slow
  • You have new hardware or software that needs to be installed
  • Internet is suddenly down
  • Computer will not boot up
  • Need assistance is setting up new iPhone, Droid, etc.
  • Possible virus infection (single machine or company-wide)
  • Having problems either sending or receiving email
  • Spam pop-ups
  • Even if you don't have an immediate problem, you can use your two free network support hours to have us audit your network for hidden problems developing under the surface that could turn into bigger, more disastrous events that could cost you thousands in lost productivity, downtime, and computer repair bills.
  • You can also use your two FREE hours IT consulting with a senior technician to investigate new technology and how it may be of benefit to your business.
Why Are We Giving Away Free Support?

I'm sure you have heard the quote, "Nothing in life is free." Or perhaps you think I am a little naïve for giving away free support, asking the question, "Aren't you afraid people will just take advantage of you?" The truth is – some people might. However, I believe that most business owners are just honest people trying to find someone they can trust. Because I am confident that we provide the best IT support for small businesses in the Tampa Bay area, I have no problem with the "Try Us Out" offer. I don't expect everyone to become a customer, but I know that some will end up being loyal, long-term clients in a business relationship that began with two FREE hours of excellent service.

To secure your 2 free hours of technical support, you must have a minimum of 5 computers. If qualified simply complete the form on this page or call me at (813) 602-0606 today. Activating your free support will only take a minute, but it could save you a lot of frustration (and money) when you need it most.

Dedicated to serving you,

Greg Sweers, President
(813) 602-0606

P.S. There is NO obligation to purchase anything or to ever use our services again.