what_apps_can_you_expect__74541_140568Apps for social networks, airlines, even department stores and more are being created every day for the Apple Watch. Here are some ready-to-launch app and what they do.

1. American Airlines- This app allows the user to receive an alert when it’s time to leave for the airport. The user can also get the gate change information, and during the flight the user can see a map with the time remaining until arrival, along with baggage claim and connection details.

2. BetterWorks- This is a web service big companies can use to help employees track their goals and measure their progress. Workers can see where their current goals are or even cheer on their co-workers for achieving their goals.

3. BMWi Remote- This app lets the user check the status of their electric BMWi car and receive notifications when the car is fully charged. Door-lock status, service reminders and more can also be checked, and you can adjust the car’s temperature so it’s perfect to drive before you even get in it.

4. Citymapper- This app shows the user the fastest routes to wherever they want to go based on the user’s current location. Step-by-step instructions are given for the nearest train or bus as well as the times of the next three arrivals. It also lets you know when your stop has been reached.

5. Dart- This app gives the user the opportunity to view emails and to respond with just a tap. Mac apps and the iOS apps both work standalone, and anyone with an email client that supports HTML can respond to a Dart email.

6. Evernote- This popular app allows you to perform searches and dictate notes. You can also set reminders and check off items on your list without having to use your phone. On your Apple Watch you can start reading a note, then with just a swipe of the lock screen, you can continue reading the note on your iPhone.

7. Instagram- The Facebook-owned messaging, photo, and video sharing site is now an app for the Apple Watch. The user turns the watch’s crown and then they can pull up photos, scroll through them and even “like” them.

8. Life Clock- This is an app from Rehabstudio which processes data from numerous sources to determine the user’s life expectancy. This app adds time for healthy activities and subtracts time for unhealthy activities.

9. Looksee- This is an app from Quebec Drive that allows the user to interact with images decorated with awesome filters. Using this app the user can browse photos, see where the photo was made and “like” them as well. The user can also see when they’ve been “liked” and receive notifications when they receive a new “connect”.

10. MLB.com At Bat- This app allows the user to follow their favorite sports team wherever they are. The user can get pitch-by-pitch updates, player details, highlights and scores.

11. Nike+ Running- This app shows the user the distance, duration and pace of their run, and with Bluetooth headphones the user can listen to their favorite music wirelessly during their workout.

12. Open Table- This app allows the user to see the details of their upcoming reservation and even provides a map to the restaurant.

13. Shazam- Can’t quite name that tune? Shazam is a music-recognizing app that helps provide names of songs and artists when provided with even an approximation of the music.

14. Slopes- This app is for the snowboarder or skier. It allows the user to check live statistics while snowboarding or skiing. This app measures distance, speed and vertical drop.

15. SPG- Starwood Hotels and Resorts have now made their customers stay even more pleasant by enabling the wearer to unlock their room from their Apple Watch without the key. This app also allows the wearer to check-in, see their reservation details and get directions to their hotel.

16. Target- This app lets the user build a shopping list, then when they are in the store the app tells where to find the item that you need.

17. Twitter-This app allows the user to be notified when they receive a tweet and allows them to respond using dictation.

18. Uber- This app allows the user to contact a driver should the user need a ride. This app shows the route of the car, the car’s license plate and even the driver’s name.

19.WeChat- This app allows the user to send and view messages and they can even put stickers into their conversations.

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